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Redwood General Tire Pros is a STAR Certified Smog Test & Repair Station. We serve the emission inspection and exhaust repair needs of Redwood City, CA, Menlo Park, CA, Palo Alto, CA, San Carlos, CA, Belmont, CA, and surrounding areas. If you’ve received your renewal notice in the mail, visit our automotive service center today.

What are California Smog Checks?

The Clean Air Act of 1970 introduced smog checks to the United States. The purpose of the smog check is to create less pollution in high traffic areas. Regular emissions testing reduces excessive smog and contributes toward a healthier state for future generations. California requires a smog check once every two years for most vehicles. 

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Smog Test at Redwood General Tire Pros

During a smog check, our technicians test the exhaust system for compliance with California emissions standards. Using special tools designed for emissions testing, we measure the amount of emissions your vehicle produces and compare this amount to what is legally permitted.

Smog tests are required for most CA vehicles, including:

  • Most vehicles manufactured after 1976
  • Diesel vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR) less than 14,000 lbs.
  • All hybrid vehicles and trucks
  • Natural gas powered vehicles less than 14,000 lbs

If your vehicle needs a smog check, contact us today. We are a one-stop facility for all smog check and repair services.

STAR Certified Smog Test & Repair Location

Redwood General Tire Pros is a STAR Certified location for testing and repairs. We meet the high standards put forth by the Bureau of Automotive Repairs to test emissions and provide exhaust system repairs for any vehicle that needs to test at a STAR station. If you need a STAR test or repair facility near you, know that Redwood General Tire Pros has years of experience providing professional service and honest assessments.

Facts About CA Smog Checks

  • Many counties in California require biennial smog checks.
  • Your renewal notice from the California DMV will tell you where you can go to have a smog check performed.
  • You need to register your vehicles within 90 days of receiving your “smog certificate,” the paper detailing the results of the emissions test.
  • With a few exceptions, you need to produce the current smog certificate when transferring a vehicle.

Smog checks improve air quality in California significantly. Be sure to get your biennial smog check and emissions inspection soon after you receive your notice. At Redwood General Tire Pros, we’re happy to check your smog levels and let you know where your vehicle stands. Call or visit us today!

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